Our offer

We produce the highest quality elements from carbon, aramid and glass fibers. Light core materials like Honeycomb, PVC foam, and others are used in our production process. Various technologies of composite production are implemented, depending on our client’s needs and expectations:
  • vacuum packaging
  • infusion
  • manual lamination
  • pressure technique
  • prepregs
We are ready to meet every need of our client. R­Composite takes care of detailed production of both tiny elements and bigger size products, e.g.:
  • motor and car parts, tuning
  • medical devices parts
  • furniture decoartion parts
and many other elements, being the results of our client’s needs.
Apart from designing and producing composite parts, we assemble and deliver precise solutions according to the expectations of our clients. We carry out projects of indroducing a new product (even if in the process of planning) as well as every series production of ready products based on composites. Our products meet the highest visual and technical standards. In the process of task accomplishment we use inducted forms as well as those made by R­Composite, based on our client’s guidelines. R­Composite makes products from carbon, glass and aramid fibre of practically every possible purpose and almost every level of complexity. We are looking forward to doing business with you!