About us

R­Composite specialises in designing and producing articles made on the basis of epoxyresins combined with aramid or glass carbon fiber.

We are the dynamic company, open to new challenges, creating innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

R­Composite offers technologically advanced solutions for all the branches. We make sample series of elements as well as small batch productions. The high quality of products at competitive prices is quaranteed.

R­Composite is continually aiming at improving the production process and gaining the latest technological advances in composite production. At the same time, we are striving to meet our clients’ needs as best as we can, according to the win­win rule.

Our offer

R­Composite introduces and improves the latest technologies connected with the production of elements of carbon, glass and aramid fibers. The are used in, i.a. medicine, motor and military trade, telecommunication, sports and every other branch, where the weight and strenght parameters matter.
In our production process various technologies are used. Our products work well in the areas, where big construction demands are involved.

Your Needs, Our Solutions